Virtualization services have helped many organizations to increase efficiency and productivity by empowering them with a superior, flexible, and advanced infrastructure. It is hugely beneficial for businesses getting better results, increased revenue, business operations, and more lucrative business goals.

EKIS virtualization solutions can improve overall IT efficiency, agility, and trust-worthiness. It provides our clients with everything that is needed to build, operate, and manage hosting services.


Advantages of Virtualization

Virtualization has many distinguished advantages

Disaster Recovery

Virtualization offers complete security from disaster. When the data is virtualized, it becomes easy to move the data and the machines to the required location.


Cloud computing is an ideal option when resources are scarce. It offers a great deal of flexibility in capacity requirements. If you run out of capacity, resources can be easily scaled up. There is no need to redesign the network with new server purchase, deployment, and maintenance.

Cost Saving

Organizations save a great deal with virtualization. They not only save on the physical server hardware but also on time required for installing the same.

Environment Friendly

Using the cloud leads to lesser energy consumption and carbon emissions than on-site servers. Companies using cloud-only use the server space, which they need, thereby decreasing their carbon footprint.


With the cloud’s help, the small and medium enterprises get access to enterprise-class technology to compete with big established competitors.


Cloud computing enables employees to sync up and work on documents and share apps simultaneously from wherever they are.

Data Security

Cloud computing ensures that your data stays safe, even in instances of fire or theft. There is no loss of data stored in the cloud, accessible in a secure way through the internet.

No Capital Expenditure

Cloud computing services don’t require any capital expenditure and are faster to deploy. The benefits come to you in a pay-as-you-go model.

Automatic Server Updates

Cloud computing providers perform server maintenance and server updates regularly. It frees up the customer time and resources, which they can use to perform other tasks.